Sunday, 1 June 2014

Year ten half-term 5 Practice questions

For my practice questions, I am using the May 2010 edition of 'Gloria' magazine.

1. On the magazine cover there is a direct mode of address - the model is looking at the audience and the word 'your' is used multiple times. This makes it seems like the magazine is speaking to you personally as if it holds all the answers for your life to be a success. It also uses an aspirational tone with coverlines like 'A secret behind your sound health' and 'chic candles for your home decor'. These are aspirational because a person will want to be/do these things and this affects their lifestyle.

2. The layout of this magazine is symmetrically balanced with content and colour, almost like a mirror line is drawn down the middle. It is not exactly symmetrical due to a difference in coverlines and the way the model is standing, however, the symmetry is effective because it makes it aesthetically pleasing and simple to read because it is as if the page is split up into three separate columns.
This magazine uses a mix of serif and sans-serif fonts, but mainly serif. This connotes that the target audience will be fairly informal, but still keeping some sort of formality.
The colours of this magazine include Grey, black, red, pink and purple with a small amount of yellow. The grey suggests formality whilst the black suggests mystery and elegance, the red connotes passion and love. The pinks and purples represent creativity, wealth and purity and the yellow connotes happiness and hope.
The language of this magazine is fairly simple and straight-forward, without the use of any punctuation. This does not make the magazine feel instructive, nor does it make it seem useless. It portrays the magazine as 'calm' and 'friendly'. This makes people more inclined to listen to its advice.

3. This magazine is represented as being for young adult, presumably white females that, from the look of the model's clothing, appear to have decent amounts of money. It shows the stereotype of them being really into fashion, as well as mentioning health and their sexual life. One issue with this representation is that not every young female is obsessed with how they look and dress. It also shows that they are all interested in decoration, which is another issue with the represented stereotype. Not all young women are going to be spending most of their time thinking about how they can make everything look nice and where they can place 'chic candles' to make their house look nicer.

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