Thursday, 27 February 2014

Lifestyle magazine conventions

This magazine uses direct address because the model on the front looks directly at the reader and uses the word 'your' (addressing the reader). This makes the reader feel more involved with the magazine.
The magazine's language fairly chatty and informal. You wouldn't formally hear 'Flat Belly Super Foods!' or 'Eva Longoria on the power of Staying Positive'
It also uses aspirational offers/tips. For example: Eat more, weigh less.
The colours are pink (Which represents passion and purity), purple (which represents creativity and wealth), red (which represents passion and love), a bit of yellow (which represents happiness), a bit of black (which represents mystery and elegance) and white (which represents purity and cleanliness)
The person on the front is someone to aspire to be and also to use direct address as they chose someone who was skinny and good looking.

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