Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Waterloo Road Connotations And Denotations:
At the start of Waterloo Road's introduction, you see a boy smashing a window. He, like everyone else, does not wear the proper uniform. This suggests that they have no respect for the school and d not care for it. The boy was wearing a white shirt, a green jumper,  a big medallion and jogging bottoms. You also see many people in the introduction arguing and fighting which represents that the school has not impacted their discipline. There is one scene where you see a boy in a hoodie, a sideways cap and other  clothes that would suggest that he is a gangster, looking shifty, doing something (possibly trading) with another boy in a leather jacket. At one point you see the teachers standing in the middle of the playground smoking. They are not doing any work and this suggests that they don't care for the job, they just needed it and wanted it to be the end of the day. They are also not stopping the students from doing all the mischief they're getting up to which again shows how little they care for the school and the students. At the end you see the head teacher / principle getting really angry and throwing various paper-based objects off of the roof. He has possibly been driven insane by how bad the school is being run by the teachers and how disrespectful the students are.

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