Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Easter Homework

1. Name 2 conventions that have been used and why
A direct mode of address has been used to make the reader feel more associated with the magazine and make the reader feel like the magazine is talking to them personally and making the reader trust the magazine more.
A model has been used on the front cover to give the reader something to aspire to, as the model on the front is usually someone inspirational. The model also normally looks towards the reader, adding to the effect of direct address. They also generally represent the type of person the magazine is for. However, it could be a beautiful female for females, or a good looking man, so it doesn't represent the people reading it, but stereotypically influences the type of reader, because a young woman could represent that sort of person, or a good looking man could be on the front to attract the women.
2. Typography  - The font is a mixture of serif and sans-serif fonts, which suggests that it is a chatty magazine, but still maintains its formality. There is a mixture of red, white and black fonts, red represents love and passion, white represents purity and cleanliness and black represents mystery and elegance.
   Layout - The layout is balanced by position because the content is bigger and a lot more noticeable on the left third, because that is the noticeable part of the magazine when they are stacked on shelves. However, that's balanced out by the model being more to the right.
   Colour Choice - As well as the colours used for the text, there are greys, there are greens and browns used in the background, and blues, yellows (blond hair) and silvers on the model. The green represents nature and abundance, the brown represents wholesomeness and dependability, the blue represents calmness and responsibility, the yellow represents happiness and hope, and the grey / silver represents Formality and conservation. This suggests that the reader will see this magazine as a good magazine that's full of information and you can trust.
   Language choice - The language is fairly chatty and informal, for example: 'wow decorating' and '26 go-anywhere dresses'. This makes the magazine seem more friendly and trustable. There is also alliteration like 'gift guide' and rhyming such as 'white lights'. This makes the magazine seem more light - hearted in my opinion. There are also questions, suggesting that this magazine will be the answer to your questions.

3. The immediate misrepresentation with this magazine is that it shows middle-aged women as all loving to decorate 'wow decorating', cook '5 ways with turkey' and the law 'Vicky Price on speeding points'. It also talks about how they aren't young any more 'the sexy, low-key option'. This is suggesting that the women can still try and look good but they have gotten to the age where they can't be a sexual in the way they dress.

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