Monday, 27 January 2014

Titles For My Magazine

Teen Dreams
The Fashionable Female
Trendy Styles For Teens
SHE         (Style for Her, Everyday)
Designs Of The Month
The Gossip
Trendy Times
Glamour Girl
The Big, Fat Mag Of The Month
Designer's Choice

The title I'm going to use is SHE because it is short, simple, modern and immediately displays the target audience.

Monday, 13 January 2014


This image is a symmetrically balanced magazine cover because everything is centered in the middle and does not need balancing out

This image is an asymmetrically balanced magazine cover because the image on the right is balanced out by the text on the left

This magazine cover is asymmetrical by colour because the bright, vivid colours on the left are balanced out by the duller, orange-tinted image on the right.

This magazine cover is balanced by value because the black and white colours on one side are balanced out by the grey contrast on the other.

This magazine is balanced by shape because the plain background is balanced by the picture of the woman in the front

This magazine is balanced by position because the larger image of the bike on the left is balanced by the smaller Audi and text on the far right

This magazine cover is balanced by texture because there is a plain black background whilst the front picture has bright, conflicting colours that fluctuate and flow

This magazine is balanced by eye direction because the parents are looking at one of the babies, which is a focal point for the picture