Tuesday, 10 September 2013

This is the waterloo road logo. It looks like it is made out of school tables and looks quite like there is mess around them. These school tables symbolise that the show is about a school and the mess around the tables represents the disrespect for the school that we saw in the opening scene of the show. The logo is designed to show a school and the disrespect there is for it. If I could change the logo i would make it a bit more dull instead because the bright colours give the idea that the school shines out and is good whereas it's disrespected and is failing. The main target audience is probably schoolchildren and because the logo is based around school tables it represents them.

These are the cast members of waterloo road. The wide variety of characters represents that everyone dislikes and disrespects the school and that the school is more of a place for people to make themselves known than for students to work and for just a few to stand out. In the separate pictures they are mainly frowning or other expressions other than smiling and with the photo of the students they are all smiling. This shows that the students care more about each other than they do about their school and education and would just prefer to 'hang out'. All of the teachers have a blank expression which represents that they don't care about the school anymore because of the behavior of the students. All the schoolchildren look around 16-17 which is the stereotype age for them. because when you think of secondary/high school, you normally think of the older ages and not the 12-13 year olds. Maybe younger students could be added to the show to make it more realistic. However, to make the show less realistic, you could add the stereotype 'love story' characters that you often get in sows involving school. The most realistic characters are probably the teachers, they are normal people who are having trouble dealing with the very difficult schoolchildren and, if you look at realistic schools, you can find teachers that struggle to deal with worse children than at this school.

The program is scheduled to broadcast every thursday at 8PM on BBC. It is broadcasted on a school day and after school. Because it is a school day it gives more of an atmosphere because the children watching this in the evening will have already been at school. Effectively, the fact that children can watch this on a school evening and compare how bad that school has done compared to them, encouraging good behavior. This could also suggest that the good parts of the students' school days are in the evening rather than the boring part of the school day. On ITV1, Emmerdale airs at the same time and gadget man is aired on channel 4. These are both soaps/comedies and Waterloo road has the same sort of theme. These shows are only on certain channels because there is a big competition to make the best soap/comedy

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