Sunday, 15 September 2013

Connotation / Denotation Homework

Media Homework.1)Number of the Beast2)Born in the USA3)Is This It4)Queen II5)Unknown Pleasures6)Wish You Were Here7)Who's Next8)Nite Visions9)Parallel Lines10)Tutu1) The cover has a cartoon style, scary characters and fire and magic lurking around. There is 'the devil' and an old witch. The witch is wearing modern, loose clothing. The typography of the text is: informal, red, fairly big text with a white outline with not much space between the letters and looks very comic-like with different shapes to normal fonts.    The loose clothing on the witch could represent an urban/gangster theme to the album. The devil could suggest a rock album where there is a lot of shouting and people often associate the devil with rock music. The style and design of the whole album gives a very informal feel and the magic lurking around could suggest that this album is out of the ordinary. The text just gives an overall evil feel and the strange shape of it could suggest that the album is about strange things2) The cover has the back of a man's blue jeans with what appears to be some sort of red hat hanging on. You can see the back of his white shirt too and the m,an is in front of a red and white striped background.    The colour scheme represents the the album being quite bright and happy whilst the type of clothing suggests that it is a casual, everyday album to listen to.3) You can see a black glove on a white trouser leg on a white background.    The black and white could suggest that the album contains more sad and moody songs than number two. The white trouser leg on the white background may also suggest that the meanings of the songs may be unclear whilst the black and white could suggest a level of contrast in the songs that works well.4) The album cover is very dark with 4 people that appear to be old fashioned with unhappy faces.    Black can be associated with power and elegance, which ties in well with what the people are wearing and the power that they suggest with their facial expressions. However, black can also be thought of as a colour of grief and death, suggesting that there would be some sad songs.5) A black background with some sort of grey pattern on it.    The colour scheme and weird pattern could suggest a sense of mystery within the album. The pattern could also suggest inspiration, showing that something can come from nothing (the black background)6) Two people are shaking/holding hands and they are surrounded by many warehouses. There is blue sky behind them.     The two people shaking hands could represent friendship, suggesting that the album with have a bright, happy feel. The warehouses may suggest that it is a big album with a lot of songs on it or that it may sell well and the album cases would fill up a large amount of warehouses.7) Three people are standing next to a memorial on a hill with a cloudy background.     The entire look of the album cover suggests that it has a sad theme and the hill suggests that the songs could be about people having a tough time and finding it hard to go ahead.8) The whole album is pink and stripy.     The pink suggests that it's a girly album and the single colour suggests that it is simple and basic. The stripes go in contrast with that, suggesting that there is something worthwhile and interesting there.9) Men wearing black and a woman in the middle wearing white on a black and white striped background.    The fancy clothing could suggest that the songs there are good for celebrations such as wedding parties. The black and white, as i mentioned before, suggest that the songs could be quite basic and there is a level on contrast in the album.10) The picture is a man's face on a black background.       Once again, this album feels mysterious and the fact that it's a man's face could suggest that the songs in the album are about/relate to him.

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