Thursday, 27 February 2014

The exam: Colour, conventions and 'House Style'

Lifestyle magazines follow a house style (similar style and production)

Red - Passion, Love, Anger
Orange - Energy, Happiness, Vitality
Yellow- Happiness, Hope, Deceit
Green - New Beginnings, Abundance, Nature
Blue - Calm, Responsible, Sadness
Purple - Creativity, Royalty, Wealth
Black - Mystery, Elegance, Evil
Grey - Moody, Conservative, Formality
White - Purity, Cleanliness, Virtue
Brown - Nature, Wholesomeness, Dependability
Beige - Conservative, Piety, Dull
Cream - Calm, Elegant, Purity

Masthead - Title of magazine
Selling Line - Short line summarising the magazine
Coverlines - Inside stories
Date line - Date and price
Main image - Image of an aspirational person
Model credit (sometimes) - telling the reader who the main image model is
Barcode - Used to buy the magazine and for companies to check stocks
Left third - Best coverlines are put here (to display in stacking)
Main coverline - The most significant coverline

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